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"Two travelers seek wisdom from the past, in a land wrestling with it's future."

Voices of Mongolia broadcasts:

City Chl Dates Times
Alexandria, LA KLPA 7/18/2011 11am
Alexandria, LA KLPA 7/20/2011 2pm
Baton Rouge WLPB 7/18/2011 11am
Baton Rouge WEKW 7/20/2011 2pm
Boston WEKW 7/10/2011 11pm, 3am
Burlington WLED 7/10/2011 11pm, 3am
Harrisburg-Lancaster WITF 7/11/2011 3am
Harrisburg-Lancaster WITF 7/15/2011 5am
Indianapolis WIPB 7/14/2011 9pm
Kansas City KCPT 7/11/2011 2pm, 8pm
Kansas City KCPT 7/12/2011 2pm, 8pm
Lafayette KLPB 7/18/2011 11am
Lafayette KLPB 7/20/2011 2pm
Lake Charles KLTL 7/18/2011 11am
Lake Charles KLTL 7/20/2011 2pm
Lansing WKAR 7/06/2011 8pm
Marquett WNMU 7/01/2011 11pm, 3am
Monroe - El Dorado KLTM 7/18/2011 11am
Monroe - El Dorado KLTM 7/20/2011 2pm
New Orleans WLAE 7/18/2011 11am
New Orleans WLAE 7/20/2011 2pm
Salt Lake City KUEN 7/20/2011 8pm
Shreveport KLTS 7/18/2011 11am
Shreveport KLTS 7/20/2011 2pm
Toledo WGTE 7/14/2011 10pm
Toledo WGTE 7/15/2011 2am
West Palm WXEL 7/22/2011 12pm

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